Breeder's Choice Advanced Pet Diets Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Puppy Dry Dog Food: 18-lb bag

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What’s more fun than a happy, rollicking puppy? A rollicking puppy that’s getting exactly the right nutrition to grow into a happy, healthy adult. In fact, the quality of a puppy’s diet can be a major factor in the quality of long-term health. So, Advanced Pet Diets® Select Choice™ Puppy Food has all the protein an active puppy needs for growing muscles, and the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus to help bones and teeth form healthy and strong, just the way they should.This all-natural formula also features the necessary probiotics “good bacteria” so that your puppy enjoys good digestion and full absorption of the food’s nutritional value during this all-important growth period. And you’ll love the easy clean-up! To help prevent disease, a balanced combination of antioxidants helps build a healthy immune system, and omega 6 and 3 oils promise healthy puppy skin and a shimmering puppy coat!

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