FREE Delivery to zip codes

10469, 10462 and 10461 in the Bronx*


* 10469 area ranges from Pelham Parkway South up to Allerton Avenue; 10462 area ranges from Pelham Parkway, up to Castle Hill Avenue/Tremont Avenue; 10461 area ranges from Williamsbridge Road/Pelham Parkway/Indian Village/Morris Park area to the #6 Pelham Bay train station.

 * * * * * 

Penelope's Pet Stop delivers for free to many parts of Bronx County. We do everything to accommodate our customers, according to our schedule.  We do not deliver on holidays, late nights and please, 24 hour notice is requested.  Last minute deliveries may sometimes be accepted, depending on our busy schedule.  There is no minimum amount for delivery.

If you have any specific delivery instructions, especially if you will not be home at time of delivery (e.g., where to place your packages, ring your bell, etc.), please let us know. If you order and request delivery, we will let you know the date and the approximate time of your delivery. If you will not be home at time of delivery and want your package placed somewhere, please let us know ahead of time because Penelope's Pet Stop will not be responsible for any lost packages.

If there is an error or a damaged product, contact us immediately at (718) 684-2710. If we made the error, we will arrange for delivery right away or, if you prefer, you can pick it up. There may be an unforeseen circumstance where you may have to wait until the next delivery date.

We also offer "monthly auto shipments". Please call (718) 684-2710 and we can arrange the automatic shipments at your request.

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