Eukanuba Dry Cat Food Mature Care: 8-lb bag (DISCONTINUED)

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At 7, Your Cat's Nutritional Needs Are Changing. If your cat is 7 years old, her metabolism is starting to change, and her nutritional needs are changing too. This new time of her life can be the beginning of many years of vibrant health and vitality – and proper nutrition can help. Seven years is the right time to make the switch to Eukanuba® Mature Care Formula. Maintaining Optimal Health. Every bag of Eukanuba® Mature Care Formula is supported by extensive research to understand the nutritional needs of aging cats. It provides an optimal balance of appropriate protein, fat, calories, vitamins and minerals for cats 7 years and older. Scientifically Formulated for a Mature Cat's Special Needs. Developed for the mature cat's digestive system, Eukanuba® Mature Care Formula contains our exclusive formulation of fiber (beet pulp and fructooligosaccharides) to nutritionally stabilize her digestive system and support a healthy intestinal environment. The Antioxidant Effect. At age 7, a cat's immune response begins to decline. Eukanuba® Mature Care Formula contains ImmunoHealth™, with appropriate levels of antioxidants such as vitamin E to nutritionally boost the immune system in mature cats. It's just one of the many nutritional components of the Eukanuba Vital Health System™ included in this age-essential formula.

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