Hill's Science Diet Adult Tender Ocean Fish Dinner Chunks in Gravy Canned Cat Food: 24/5.5-oz cans

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Recommended For:

Adult cats 1 - 6 years of age

Not Recommended For:

Kittens and pregnant or nursing cats

BenefitNutrientHow It Works
Promotes healthy digestionHigh quality ingredientsEnsures proper nutrient absorption to keep your cat fit and healthy.
Promotes ideal body weightPrecise balance of key nutrientsDelivers the appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight.
Maintain vision and heart functionEnriched with TaurineEnriched with Taurine to help maintain good vision and a healthy heart
Healthy organsMagnesiumLow magnesium for organ health

Hill's® Science Diet® cat foods are made with high quality ingredients that provide an ideal combination of nutrients for superior overall health. Our 150 veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and scientists ensure that over 50 nutrients in Hill's Science Diet cat foods work together and fall precisely within appropriate ranges, avoiding nutrient excesses and deficiencies that can impact your cat's long term health. 

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