Milk Bone

We made our first biscuit over a century ago at a bakery on the Lower East Side of New York City. We still use high quality and wholesome ingredients to make the original bone-shaped dog treat, proving that after more than 100 years, it's still Good to Give

For 13 years and counting, every time you buy Milk-Bone® dog snacks, a portion of the proceeds goes to help the Canine Assistants® organization.

Meet Canine Assistants

Canine Assistants® is a non-profit organization, founded in 1991, that trains and provides service dogs for children and adults with special needs, free of charge.

Canine Assistants' service dogs open doors, pick up items, pull wheelchairs, go for help, turn on lights and perform over 90 other commands. The dogs also help in removing many of the social barriers faced by people who have disabilities.

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