Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

In today's society, most of us work long hours and worry about our dogs sitting at home, going from one couch to another, and not knowing what to do with themselves, until mommy or daddy come home.  Worry no more!!!!  Penelope loves her daily walks with her baby brother Spartacus, and so will your dog.  

Penelope's Pet Stop has three (3) dog walkers:
Jorge takes care of many of the dogs in our neighborhood; 
Kate serves the later afternoon and evening walks in our area and also in Riverdale;
Donavon serves the Southern area of the Bronx. 

Our walkers will help your dog maintain a normal routine in your home environment.  We treat your dog and home with the love, care and respect the way we treat our own.  Our walker will take your dog on a daily walk, once or twice a day, as many days of the week that you need.  Our walkers love animals and your pet will always be in the safest of hands.  If you need our walker  to do anything further, please let us know.*

Prior to the actual dog walking, we will arrange a meet and greet between your dog and our walker. 
We do "group walks", in addition to "private walks".  Your dog will be included in our group walk, if at that time there are other dogs that are being walked.  Otherwise, it will be a private walk.  It all depends on the dogs' schedules  We will also feed your dog or cat and that is also an additional $3 for each pet. 

10469, 10462, 10461 zip codes:  (does not include north of Allerton or south of Pelham Bay train station)

Outside the perimeters of 10469, 10462, 10461 zip codes:  

If paying online for dog walking, please pay on Saturday for the previous week of Sunday through Saturday.  Cash is also accepted for dog walking by either paying the walker or dropping it off by Saturday.  Thank you.
* prices subject to change
Our dog walking hours are between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., seven (7) days a week.  If you need your dog walked on an actual holiday (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day), there is an additional $5 for those special days.
Our walkers will be happy to follow any instructions you might have when going to the park, or administer any medicine that may be necessary, feed your pet or give them fresh water, water plants, etc.
If your dog is not social and prefers not to be around other dogs, please specify, so that we make sure your dog is being walked in a private walk.
We will earn your trust and we thank you for trusting us with your loved ones.
A well-exercised dog, is a happy dog!!!!
Cat and Dog Sitting/Feeding
Penelope's Pet Stop offers a very personal service to our clients and feline charges. We know all of our clients, whether we have been to their homes just once or several times.  We specialize in providing detailed attention in single or multi-cat households, which includes giving individual cats different foods and particular medications, in specific locations of the home, as necessary, so that the animals’ daily routines are not disrupted.

We give particular attention, patience, and understanding to special needs cats, including shy, senior and those with health challenges and disabilities.
Each visit includes the following services:
  • Feeding, changing drinking water, and daily litter box maintenance.
  • Clean up of feline “accidents.”
  • Quality time, including interactive play with cats’ favorite toys.
  • We administer all medications, including oral (liquid and tablet form), topical, eye and eardrops, subcutaneous fluids and insulin injections.
  • Upon request, we take in your mail and newspapers and water your plants.
As we do for our dogs, we will arrange a meet and greet with your cat(s) before the actual appointment. 
Our rate for the above services are $20 per visit).  If you would like our walker to stay with your pet for awhile, over an hour, it is an additional $10 per hour after that.


*  10461 area ranges from the Williamsbridge Road/Pelham Parkway/Indian Village/Morris Park  area to the Pelham Bay train station.
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